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Spock The German Pinscher Playing With His Brother

Spock The German Pinscher Playing With His Brother

Caution and Confusion...

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Dogs 101 - GERMAN PINSCHER - Top Dog Facts About the GERMAN PINSCHER

Dogs 101 - GERMAN PINSCHER - Top Dog Facts About the GERMAN PINSCHER The German Pinscher is an old German breed, with depictions in dog books ...

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German Pinscher / Dog Breed

The German Pinscher is a compact, vigorous and alert dog of the German origin, which was first bred to serve as a rodent exterminator somewhere between the ...

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German Pinscher - Top 10 Interesting Facts

The German Pinscher dog breed is muscular and agile, powerful yet graceful. There are TOP 10 interesting facts about German Pinscher. Make sure to ...

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Burke's Backyard, German Pinscher Road Test

The Pinscher is the German equivalent of the terrier (Pinscher actually means terrier in German). Well suited to catching vermin, the German Pinscher became ...

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German Pinscher

My 10 months old German pinscher acting macho PART1 For those of you wondering, I got this dog from Alberta, it was hard to find.

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German Pinscher Obedience training

18 month German pinscher. Male.

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12 Interesting Things You Should Know About German Pinscher


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German Pinscher stalks a rat

The Blair Rat Project.

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German Pinscher


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Unforgettably german pinschers presents: DARK ANGELS PHOENIX PRIVATE EMOTION

DA Phoenix Private Emotion German pinscher male born in 2010 Available for breeding season 2012-2013.

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Once a week I take Senna out for a spin to release her excess energy. Just walking every day is not enough... obviously.

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Biscuit - German Pincher - 3 Week Residential Dog Training

Trained by Emma Riedlinger - www.adolescentdogs.com.

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German Pinscher puppies

Multi, Ned, Lux Ch Aritaur Gunga Din in CalvaXar x Aritaur Fantabulous litter 2. March 2015. At 8 weeks.

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Senna the German Pinscher at 10 weeks


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Dobermanns and German Pinscher playing

Dobermanns and German Pinscher playing in the woods at Cotton 18/06/2014 with Jagger (Philosophy), Jenna (Tarantella) and Ava (Fantabulous).

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German Pinscher howling

Our german pinscher howls along to a song on the radio.

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German Pinscher eats her breakfast

On the menu is chicken wing and heart. It is raw, so the bones are easy to digest and safe to be eaten by dogs.

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Rooney the German Pinscher

Messing with the Rat Terrier....again.

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Fact about German Pinscher

Fact about German Pinscher.

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Female German PInscher enjoys the beach 2015

Our female German Pinscher at 1yr & 7mths. Enjoys running through the water and along the beach at low tide, but not too excited about actually going for a ...

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German Pinscher Benny and Gretchen Digging at Canadian River

German Pinschers Benny and Gretchen digging a hole in search of mythical creatures at Canadian River(ok...it is mainly Benny but Gretchen gets in on the ...

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German Pinscher Luca's First Time at the Farm

Luca is 6 months old and goes to the farm for the first time.

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Some of the disciplines a German Pinscher can do.................

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Hugo, german pinscher puppy, shows off new tricks

Hugo, german pinscher puppy (6 months) shows off sit, lay down, stand, belly up, roll over and sit and stay.

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German Pinscher Barn Hunt

Ron & Brennan in Masters class with a qualifying run (AKC/UKC Ch UWP Dabney's Fair Warning! HCT-S RATI RATS)

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The Power of german Pinscher

Grundausbildung: SAM und Trainingspartner.

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German Pinscher Benny Chases Frisbee and Refuses to Retrieve

Benny chases the frisbee and just stays where it stopped. This is a pattern he often repeats.

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German Pinscher (Rico)


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Talented German Pinscher

Sweet Adealine was in for a visit today and was so happy to show off some of the neat tricks she knows.

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German Pinscher Dog Breed

German Pinscher - Dog Breed The Breed History European guarding and herding dogs were used to develop this ancient breed. Originally called Smooth ...

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German Pinscher, World's Best Breed

GP Benny taking a stroll.

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